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And A Time To Heal
Trauma tries the soul, and when it comes we are wounded; our inner person is permanently changed into a whole new being. To remove the scars is to go back to being who you were before the trauma. Then what would have been the point of trauma? Where would be the building of our inner person if the trauma did not test our soul? You can have scars and have healing The question then becomes, will we choose to have a life after trauma? Will our trauma make us bitter or will we see through the calamity for the opportunities and blessings our new life holds?
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Messianic Credentials of Jesus The Christ
This commentary by Archer C. Wilcox, Lit.D. superbly answers the issues stemming from Esau's birthright. It eradicates the Calvinistic theories related to Jacob and Esau as well as many of the errors and contradictions, which Calvinists have attempted to "prove" based on this portion of Scripture.
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