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A Pure Church, A Biblical Theology of Ecclesiastical Separation

This book has been co-authored by pastors Mike Custer, Dave Mallinak, Erich McCandless, Bobby Mitchell, Dave Sutton, Gary Webb, Kent Brandenburg and myself.

The book is more than 300 pages, and deals with the biblical doctrine of ecclesiastical separation and the current trends that threaten the purity of the Lord's churches. It has been our goal to hold up the standard of the Lord's holiness and His desire for a pure church. We believe this work will encourage pastors and churches and promote the cause of "perfecting holiness in the fear of God" (II Corinthians 7:1).

Some of the subjects dealt with include:

  • God's holiness in the Old and New Testaments
  • Pastoral responsibility related to church purity
  • The Lord's Supper and the purity of the church
  • Separating from unbelievers
  • The unity of John 17
  • The proceedure for marking and avoiding
  • When churches are to separate from other churches
  • Separating from sinning believers
  • Resolving offenses in the church.

And A Time To Heal
Trauma tries the soul, and when it comes we are wounded; our inner person is permanently changed into a whole new being. To remove the scars is to go back to being who you were before the trauma. Then what would have been the point of trauma? Where would be the building of our inner person if the trauma did not test our soul? You can have scars and have healing The question then becomes, will we choose to have a life after trauma? Will our trauma make us bitter or will we see through the calamity for the opportunities and blessings our new life holds?
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Are Nationalism and Patriotism Right?
A much needed book for today's citizens written by a former US Marine who saw combat fighting in Vietnam in 1965 and currently is a Chaplain in the US Service Command holding the rank of Brigadier General. Thoroughly saturated with Scripture. Its message has been used for Veterans speech material and church messages. "This is an outstanding, no, an exceptional book!"

How to be The Second Man In the Ministry
Many books have been written about the Pastor and the responsibilities of his office. However, much less has been written about the men of God who serve in a subordinate position in the ministry. These are men who are ery definitely called by God into the ministry, but who for at least some period of time (maybe a lifetime) are expected to serve under another man. These men are placed in a unique and sometimes very difficult position, much like the wife in a marriage. This book focuses heavily upon those who have been called to serve under some other man. Since God's normal way to accomplish His work is through a team, our goal is to reveal exactly what God desires from those He places in a subordinate position to another man of God.

Journey with Me: A Testimony of Kidangalil Samuel Varughese, PhD
Rarely does one get the privilege to experience the intimate details that make up the life of a man of God. Brother Sam Varughese gives us a unique opportunity to do just that. He plainly exposes the paths upon which God has led him to travel.

My Vietnam 1965
This is my story, "My Vietnam 1965" The actual Vietnam troop war began with first troops sent in February 1965 followed by the second troop entrance, May 1965. Technically, the war began in 1963 and ended in 1973. The first two years, from 1963 to early 1965, was called a "Police action" and was with "advisors" and not with ground troops. We, the Machinegun Squad, First Platoon, Charlie Company, First Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment (Reinforced), Third Marine Division, landed in the Chu Lai South Vietnam as the second major insertion of troops sent into Vietnam. We landed under light resistance rifle fire on 7 May, 1965. We were at Chu Lai, only fifty miles south of Da Nang.

Pre-Flood Technology
There's evidence from the secular world that proves there were airplanes, open heart surgery and other highly technical advances before the great worldwide flood. This evidence has been recognized as real, attributed by science to outer space beings. You will be awed! 'One of the most fascinating books I've ever read.'

Self Defense: The Biblical View
The first book ever published on Self-Defense from a Biblical viewpoint. The author answers questions with real answers. He exposes the occult dangers and gives the why and how of true Christian Martial Arts. Dr. Tottingham, a Baptist preacher, possesses a black in a Christian style registered with the World Head of Family Sokeship Council. This book is revised from the original version, published as 'Christian Martial Arts', with new information and photos added.

That Love Which Is of God
"The best book on God's love ever written." Very sound and a very thorough study of the subject, letting the Scriptures alone do the teaching.

The Lord's Song
Anyone overseeing or participating in the ministry of music will quickly realize this volume is not based on supposition, but on the measurable values from Scripture, history, true science, and universal Music Theory. The conclusive findings will immediately empower the Pastor, Song Leader, and Specialists to incorporate these proven, Bible-based principles into every church service.

The Mystery of Christ and His Church
The Bible is full of self-proclaimed mysteries. While most mysteries are clearly resolved through in the written word of God, others will only be completely brought to light when we step into eternity. The mystery of the relationship between Christ and His local churches is a perfect example. This book uses a lot of Scripture to bring to sharp focus what modern christendom has made nebulous, or fuzzy. Dr. McCandless takes an honest look at the Hebrew cultural wedding traditions and sheds much light on this mystery. If you are a student of Scripture who holds that the work of the Lord is to be accomplished through His New Testament churches, put this book on your Must Read list.

The Pattern of Church Planting
An overview of a systematic and Biblically consistent pattern for planting New Testament churches. Includes real 'surprises' in light of modern church planting philosophies. A must read for all church planters and their pastors.

The True Red Sea Crossing to the True Mount Sinai
The traditional route of the Exodus, which has the children of Israel wading in shallow water through an area north of the Gulf of Suez while the tide was out, has never appealed to thinking Bible readers as the crossing matching the Biblical account. Not any more than the traditional Mount Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula meets the Biblical grounds for the correct Mountain of God. Especially when Paul, under inspiration, tells us in Galations 4:25 that is was in Arabia.