EBT Missions and Missionaries

EBT's Missionary Policy

Empire Baptist Temple's missionary outreach is comprised of dedicated missionary families who are members of EBT and supported by a host of faithful churches of like faith and practice.

Our philosophy of missions is to train and send God-called men and women to spiritually needy areas to evangelize the lost, baptize and establish the converts into Baptist churches, and train nationals for the work of the ministry as pastors and faithful church folk. We believe that our missionaries hold the Biblical apostolic office without any of the first century gifts. We believe they are to be faithful tithing members of EBT under the supervision and direction of its pastor.

We believe that indigenous mission work is establishing Baptist churches in spiritually needy areas. We hold the position that God gave his churches the authority, ability, and responsibility of evangelism and church planting. We also hold that all true work of God must be of faith. EBT's world mission’s outreach depends entirely upon God for leadership, finances, and Divine power.

Monies sent to EBT's missionaries go directly and fully to the missionary. EBT manages, by volunteer service, the missionary's finances, letters and any foreign and domestic business that may pertain to them.

EBT's Partnership Policy

EBT holds that the biblical manner of independent New Testament Church ministry which it pursues at home should be duplicated in churches established on the foreign soils. This includes: Spirit-filled Bible preaching; faithful laboring, and the establishing of autonomous, independent, New Testament Baptist churches. The missionaries supported by Empire Baptist Temple are to believe and practice the indigenous method of establishing self-supporting and self-extending churches.

EBT holds that the missionary should be duly called by his church, financed through his church, and fully responsible to and only to his church. We further hold that missionaries should have an ever-extending ministry of planting congregations and that their calling does not necessarily bind them to a specific city or territorial region. We believe that missionary vision for a foreign field is to disciple unbelievers, baptize the converts, train the believers, then in most cases commit to faithful men the responsibilities of the congregation and thereafter continue the training of the pastors. We believe that there needs to be a training station established, most likely in one of the stronger of the churches established, and operated by the missionary for the continued training of the preachers surrendered to the ministry.

The missionary should always be a faithful member of a sound Baptist church in his own native country. And while on foreign soil and at home, is responsible solely to his pastor and church as God's direct and divinely appointed overseer over his labors. While missionaries are not pastors in the strict sense of the word, they should be considered a pastoral staff representative of their home church having the office of missionary laid to his charge and calling. The missions program of Empire Baptist Temple shall endeavor to promote and support other churches of like faith and practice that likewise are sending out missionaries unto the furtherance of the gospel and the glory of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
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