International Services

The EBT International Ministry was started on the second Sunday in August, 1995. The goal of this ministry is to see foreign immigrants, whom are blind spiritually, come face to face with a real God and to have the new birth for themselves. After salvation, our desire is to teach them the need for baptism into the active membership of the Empire Baptist Temple.

The vision of this ministry is to have a "mission work" wherein we are able to evangelize the internationals in our community. We find ourselves having to translate each verse of each message into several languages, as these immigrants often speak very little English. With the Lord's help we want to do everything possible to reach them with the gospel and to teach them enough English so they can quickly acclimate to our regular services here at EBT.

In the midst of this vision is a great desire to see some of these converts to raise up and be used to reach their own people, whether locally in the USA or as a missionary sent back to their own countries.

Our services are every Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Both English speaking and non-English speaking are very welcome to any of our services. For more information, please contact us.
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