Empire Baptist Academy

The divine mandate for spiritual, emotional, mental, and all other instruction, is not delimited as "Secular" and "Spiritual" by God, but rather the instruction of the whole man is included in the Parent/Church mandate of scripture. All instruction and instructing is to be based upon the scriptures (KJV) as the only infallible source of truth (John 17:17). The divine mandate is for parents and the local New Testament Church to work together for the complete instruction of the whole child.

The ministry of E.B.A. began in 1978 when the Empire Baptist Temple had grown until we were able to provide this ministry for our families. Out of this ministry we have seen the Lord give us Christian workers, preachers, and missionaries.

We are committed to the local Baptist Church and have dedicated this educational ministry to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the Gospel Ministry. The Empire Baptist Temple's support for Christian education has been firmly established.

We offer a complete Bible integrated education, professionally developed for academic excellence. The Christian life-view is integrated in all subjects and grades with mastery learning emphasis.We have a conviction about Christ centered, Bible oriented education at Empire Baptist Temple Academy.

We believe the local Baptist Churches (of God's design) are God's designated places of true education which is the learning and application of truth. In His churches is where God placed teachers; therefore, what better place and under what better conditions could students be educated than the place God has chosen?

Attending EBA is a privileged opportunity, and EBA is not obligated to accept anyone regardless of whether the parents attend EBT or not. We accept students of any race, color, national and ethic origin without discrimination in any of EBT's educationally administered programs, however we do not believe that every young person will fit into our program therefore we attempt to clearly define the expectations of each before enrolling any student.

Our staff is comprised of qualified volunteer parents and others sharing in the educating process. The involvement of qualified volunteer parents and others is truly welcome, no, it is invited.We feel honored to have to operate this education ministry under the Lord's guiding hand.
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