Chaplaincy Ministry

Our Chaplain emphasis is to provide pastoral service wherever the Lord opens doors; to enter every door the Lord opens up to us to take God’s News to every soul inside those doors. We are continually training men to provide and perform pastoral ministry in every conceivable setting the Lord will open.

The mission of our chaplaincy is to provide evangelism and pastoral service and assistance to facilities and units of any type. This includes (1) the traditional uniformed services as: law enforcement/corrections, military commands, military cadet units, and medical & disaster emergency units. (2) the traditional non-uniformed environments as: rest homes, hospice care facilities, hospitals and veterans care facilities.

We strongly believe that there is a need for evangelistic ministries reaching those we otherwise may not have access to, and that such chaplain ministry and services are to be under the authority of a church. As the Lord calls men to this evangelistic calling, they must also have a pastor and church who likewise believes that the Bible supports holding church services at off-church sites such as jails, penitentiaries, rest homes, military chaplaincy settings, etc., which, for many attendees, can be their total church "experience" and that the Lord endorses such in necessity.

Apostle Paul was most certainly not in what we would call a Biblically constituted church service when he was imprisoned. But he had the Lord's blessings. If we never go where the unchurched are to have services as we do in jails, prisons, military chapels, etc., we are not going to reach all. If evangelism is only one-on-one outside our churches and can/may not be through off-site "worship" services we miss a great opportunity to reach others. Truly we are for attending every service of church.

We also strongly believe that major focus of such "Chaplain" ministering is evangelistic not church planting, except in sending converts to seek a true church.

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